Day 3, 51 miles, Thursday May 28, 2009

Harrisonburg to Staunton
(my odometer: 53 miles, 12.8 avg mph, 4h 7m 45s)
Max speed 33.4 mph

Up at 5:30; 6:15 continental breakfast at hotel, cold cereal, waffles, yogurt, orange juice; 7:15 load luggage; 7:15 on the road. It rained last night so the roads were still quite wet but it wasn't raining when we left. Actually there were peeks of sun as we left and it gradually got better as we rode. Finally, what a pleasant change! When I was having breakfast today, I met Bobbie Wallingford from Southport ME. Alzheimer's disease runs in her family and she was most appreciative of the effort that I do. (see pic below)

At 20 miles out we passed an old grist mill that was immaculately kept and they even maintained fish ponds where they grow their own trout. And just around the corner, I came upon an Amish buggy. As you can see there was a variety of interesting things that I captured with my camera - cows, street signs, the Natural Chimneys, the SAG, a hungry bumble bee, cyclists and the Stonewall Jackson Hotel.

When we were at dinner tonight, a severe thunder storm hit and we got torrential rain and flooding. The area is under a flood watch till midnight. Many of us waited a long time for a 'let u' and then we fast walked and ran back to the hotel.

In the interest of time my journal is brief. That said, this absolutely has been the best day so far. The sun came out!

Tomorrow is a 44 mile loop ride. I was so excited, I forgot to include today's route sheet!

Breakfast with Paul

me, Bobbie Wallingford, Herb Schon

Loading luggage

Old grist mill

Old grist mill

Old grist mill

Old grist mill

Old grist mill

Local transportation for some

Old barn

?? Interesting!!

Hungry cows

?? Cute!!

Still hungry and knee deep in mud

Hanging out

Threatening clouds

Looks like rain up ahead

I'm happy - SUN!

Me and roommate, Paul

Natural Chimney, a geological wonder

Bumble bee eating my bike

Scenic view

Mary Jo Peairs

Evelyn Pisegna-Cook

Mary Jo Peairs


Bill Manning

Jerri Cohen

Chuck Campbell

Chuck (helping?) Mary Jo

Jerri, Dick, Mary Jo, Evelyn, Karen

Stonewall Jackson Hotel lobby

Our room, 5th floor

View from our room

Hotel lobby

Our hotel

I had lunch here

Tom relaxing before RAP

Mary Jo - big muscles

Thunder storm cloud buildup

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