The Ride for Alzheimer's is On!

Monday, July 10, (82 miles) Day 10.

Wake up call 5:30, load luggage truck 6:00. Strong line of thunderstorms moving through Chicago heading southeast (our direction). Excellent cycling weather at least for now.

incoming storm incoming storm
A huge thunderstorm bearing down on us.

Detour at Pittsboro followed by a torrential downpour. Good thing I wore my old shoes as I got completely soaked.

SAG after storm
SAG in Pittsboro just after a torential downpour.

SAG at 30 miles, stopped at the ROARK Bicycle Manufacturing Co. They make custom titanium frame bikes, a small operation but very interesting and extremely high quality.

My visit to ROARK, a maker of custom titanium frame bikes. I'm holding a titanium frame that will be part of a bike that will be ridden by Jim Frye in next summer's iron man competition in Orlando, Florida.

Mr. Roark (president and owner of ROARK) and Mike Monk (our head mechanic). This is very similar to one of 2 bikes that Mike will be purchasing. Mike has been racing since age 45 and won two gold medals in last summer's Senior Olympics, a 5K time trial (average speed 29 mph) and a 40K road race. This certainly shows that Mike is a world class racer.

Then off to Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I'm not a racing fan but the visit was interesting. My stepsons Ed and Rob would probably have stayed here all day.

Indianapolis 500 Museum

Old Indy car
This is a 1025 Miller Special, an 8 cyl. Miller supercharged engine. 2.343 in bore, 3.500 in stroke, 120.750 in CID. Ralph DePalma won Indy in 1915. He Drove in 10 Indy 500 races. This car never won but came in seventh in 1925.

New Indy car
This is a new Formula 1 car that will be racing here September 24, 2000.

This is a picture of the finish line at Indy. Sorry folks, cyclists are not allowed on the track, so I took this picture on a tour bus.

Then off to Major Taylor Velodrome. This is an outdoor banked bicycle racing track. It was fun riding on it.

Velodrome I Velodrome II Velodrome III
Me riding around the Major Taylor Velodrome. This was quite different, very steep banks. It was fun as I took about 20 laps.

Another detour, got lost, a fellow rider got a flat tire. Finally arrived at the Days Inn East at 6:00. Due to sightseeing stops my ride time really was only about 5 hr 45 min. The six of us were the last to come in. Route rap for Wed. at 6:00, dinner at Steak and Ale Restaurant. Talked to Donna at 9:30, to bed at 10:00.

My roommate, Chris Boehmer ended his ride today so he will be going back to Orlando, Florida tomorrow. Rest day tomorrow, so I plan to sleep in.

yesterday's answer
This is a grain elevator, so here is the answer to yesterday question, except yesterdays picture was a much larger one and only part of it.

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